Accessories for Girls
Check out must have accessories for girls at Justice: from stylish girls accessories & jewelry .
1. Head gear
Head gear might include hair bands, clips and hats.In fact, hair themselves are a kind of accessory and different hairstyles give you different looks.Hair bands and clips can add beauty to your hair styles.On the other hand, when you are having a bad hair day or you just want to protect your hair from the scorching Sun, a nice hat can always save you and make you look trendy.A hat can add the element of mystery to your outfit.Hats have become a style statement after the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William.In short, hats are hot!
2. Belt
You might have seen people (or even at times, yourself) taking time to search for a matching belt.Apart from keeping your trousers and jeans at place, an appropriate belt can add another dimension to your outfit, a good one.It does not necessarily have to be matching to your shoes or bag.A sleek belt around your dress or a chunkyfunky one to go with your regular shirt and jeans can improve the way your outfit looks, or the way you look in your outfit!
3. Wrist wears
With so many bollywood songs describing the wrists of the actresses and their wrist wears, do not think need to list those dangling bangles, bright bracelets and the wrist watches.Though glass bangles might be becoming obsolete, you may see the metallic ones still in trend.Bangles are both traditional as well as trendy, and guess India is the birth place of this accessory.Bracelets are evergreen, though the designs might have changed over time.They come in a variety of designs, shapes and are made of different materials.Apart from ornamental purpose, different bracelets have different purposes.You can see everyone wearing friendship bracelets during the friendship week.People also wear bracelets to show support for some cause.Some bracelets also claim to have positive effects on the physical and mental health of a person.Even watches for women sometimes look more like elegant bracelets and do more than just helping you keep up with time, they help keep you up with style, too.
4. Neck pieces
The neck pieces probably have been in existence since the Stone Age.Necklaces, pendants, lockets are being worn by both men and women since a very long time.(Proves that we had fashionable ancestors!).There are different types of necklaces according to their length like choker, princess, matinee, opera necklaces etc.Necklaces are categorised on the basis of their shape too.The pearl necklace is the all time classic and adds elegance to your outfit.Necklaces also signify tradition as well as trend.People can be seen wearing religious lockets and pendants all around the globe.So, I guess necklaces are all time wonders!
5. Eye wear
If you wear vision correcting spectacles it is important that it complements you well because you are going to wear it every day.It is all a game of frames and luckily there is a wide range of frames that you can choose from.Also, sunglasses are totally in vogue (provided you do not wear them indoors).They protect you from Sun and make you look stylish.The easiest way to go glam!

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