Amazing Staircases Around the World
Amazing Staircases Around the World . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Awaji Hyakudanen Japan
Awaji Yumebutai (or in EnglishStage of Dreams) is a complex array of buildings and other areas located on Awaji Island in Hy?go Prefecture, Japan.One of the of the gardens of Awaji Yumebutai is the 100 level garden (or in Japanese hyakudan?en), the garden consists of 100 squares of terraced smaller gardens.Awaji Hyakudanen was built as a memorial of the Great Hanshin earthquake (1995) on the side of a mountain that had been half taken away in the early 90?s for use as sea fill during construction to build artificial islands in Osaka Bay (one of them is the Kansai International Airport).

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