Amazing Treehouses From Around The World
Amazing Treehouses From Around The World . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Temple of the Blue Moon
This charming treetop cottage is just one of the many treehouse lodgings available at Pete Nelsons Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Wash. Nelson, a world-renowned treehouse builder and author, created this sustainable destination as a beautiful, educational getaway that provides visitors with a unique way to connect with nature. The Temple of the Blue Moon sits partway up a 300-year-old, 160-foot-tall Sitka Spruce and boasts skylights, built-in cedar beds and handmade quilts.

Treehouse for Birds and People
Temple of the Blue Moon
Firesphere House
Kadirs Tree House
Mirror Tree House
Alnwick Garden Treehouse
Senior Center Turned Treehouse
Beach Rock Tree House

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