Amazing US Lakes for Summer Vacation
The most irresistibly enjoyable, summer fun filled, Amazing US Lakes for Summer Vacation .
1. Wallowa Lake Oregon
Wallowa Lake is located about one mile south of Joseph Oregon. Even in summer the lake is surrounded by snow tipped mountains. There is Wallowa Lake State Park on the south side of the lake along with the small houses and several small businesses. You can stay at the historic Wallowa Lake Lodge the campground or find lodging in one of many cabins on the river and among the trees. Consider riding the gondola lift to the summit of Mount Howard (8000 feet) or enjoy interesting activities such as horseback riding hiking boating swimming and fishing. You may also want to visit Old Chief Joseph gravesite at the Nez Perce National Historic Park. Wallowa Lake Oregon is a gateway to the Hells Canyon and incredible Eagle Cap wilderness.
2. Lake Lanier Georgia
The largest lake in GeorgiaLake Lanieris one of the best lakes for summer vacation. From a half hour to one hour from Atlanta Lake Lanier is filled with beautiful islands formed when the Buford Dam was built. Its home to a top flight hotel houseboats and campgrounds as well as about 700 miles of spectacular shoreline. You can rent anything from a small boat to a yacht or pontoon here. Enjoy the equestrian center waterpark golf courses swimming hiking and fishing. Lake Lanier has something to offer for everyone!
3. Lake Chelan Washington
The longest natural lake in Washington and the 3rd deepest lake in the US Lake Chelan was formed when a glaciercarved valley flooded and its 1500 feet deep and 55 miles long. Summer sun blue skies and clear waters have made Lake Chelan of the best summervacation destinations to visit. On the southeast end of the lake theres the remote town of Stehekin which you can reach only by plane or boat. There is plenty to see and do in Stehekin so consider visiting this town too.
4. Lake Placid New York
Known as the site of the 1932 and the 1980 Winter Olympics Lake Placid is a perfect place for both summer and winter vacation. The beauty of the lake and the surrounding Adirondack mountains is breathtaking and there are hundreds of activities to try including hiking on marked hiking trails biking golf kayaking boating and fishing. The town of Lake Placid located 21/2 miles from the lake offers luxurious and rustic accommodations and great restaurants.
5. Redfish Lake Idaho
Redfish Lake is located in the heart of the magnificent Sawtooth Mountain Range Idaho. The lake offers excellent canoeing boating kayaking water skiing and fishing. Moreover Redfish Lake offers crystal clear water and fantastic sandy beaches. The surrounding hills provide some of the nations most impressive granite cliffs for every mountain climber.

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