Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal is an Indian politician, social activist and former Indian Revenue Service officer w
6. Social activities
Kejriwal was a social activist from the very beginning. He even met Mother Teresa and wanted to work for this society. He worked in RamaKrishna Ashram, Kolkata for few days. He spent few days in Nehru Yuva Kendra as well.He started an NGO named ?Parivartan? with few other social activists. He developed a website for the same and invited people to take part in this initiative. The first man to join him with the help of this site was none other than Manish Sisodia. They together helped a lot of people to get rid off from the problems of ration, electricity, pensions and corruption. In beginning, they used banners to spread more about their social NGO ?Parivartan?.He protested several times in various ways against the wrongdoings of government.In 2011, he directed the Anna Movement against corruption which had shaken the whole country. The whole parliament was shocked by the power of Aam Aadmi. The movements main aim was to curb high rate of corruption in India via JanlokPal Bill. The movement was a success as it touched the hearts and minds of Indians and the government got ready to pass JanlokPal Bill but due to many issues, the bill could never be passed.He also fasted and gave Dharnas to force government to take steps on corruption but never achieved success.
7. Politics and Aam Aadmi Party
Finally after trying each and every tactics, Arvind Kejriwal decided to form a political party. The party was formed on 26 November 2012 and named after a lot of consultations. Finally his party got the name on Aam Aadmi or common man Aam Aadmi Party. He even fasted against Delhi Congress government of Sheila Dixit in March 2013. He opened a revolutionary campaign against Sheila Dixits government and MCD ruled BJP. The selfless volunteers and AK online supporters helped him a lot to present AAP as an alternative of BJP and Congress. He organized a lot of Nukkad Sabhas and promised to deliver on many things which any government is unable to do till date. His speeches were very motivational and inspired a lot of Indians.Finally on 4th December 2013, Delhi Elections took place in which Arvind Kejriwal was standing against 3 times Delhi CM Sheila Dixit fr0m New Delhi constituency. On 8th December, Arvind Kejriwal defeated the CM Sheila Dixit by a huge margin and the Aam Aadmi Party won 28 seats. Both BJP and Congress who won 32 and 8 seats motivated AAP by giving constructive and unconditional support respectively. Thus AAP finally made government in Delhi on 28th December 2013 with the support of Congress.

Arvind Kejriwal took oath in Ramlila Maidan as 7th Chief Minister of Delhi. He became the second youngest person to get the thrown of CMs chair. He fulfilled the promise of electricity and water bills. As soon as he became CM, many officers got transfers and many corrupt officers burnt scam files and reports. The weaker section of society got a big relief as they didnt have to pay bribes to get their work done.

8. List of major work done by him in just 49 days
Lowered the rates of electricity
Lowered the rates of water consumption
Simplified the VAT for Delhi businessmen
Played a vital role to curb corruption
Played a vital role to curb inflation
launched anti corruption helpline
Gave an amount of 1 Crore to a martyr policemen
Arvind Kejriwal also gave an order to power authorities to fulfill the electricity needs of country otherwise theyll bring some other power companies in Delhi. The party decided to pass JanLokpal Bill but was failed as Congress and BJP stood together against the bill passing procedure.

Finally Arvind Kejriwal resigned in 49 days on 14th Februry 2014 since he failed to get the JanLokPal Bill passed because of BJP and Congress. According to many surveys people still believe that 49 days were best but Arvind Kejriwal shouldnt have resigned. He decided to fight elections in Lok Sabha 2014 against Narendra Modi PM candidate from BJP but was could not get succeeded.

After Lok Sabha elections, some former members left the party and Arvind Kejriwal even went to jail in a case of defamation against Nitin Gadkari. Everyone thought this party is going to finish soon but then Arvind decided to open Mission Vistaar to work again from grass root level.

On 3rd August, Arvind Kejriwal organized a rally against BJP on Jantar Mantar demanding fresh elections in Delhi. This rally was a huge success for AAP as around 9K people took part in it.

But as soon as Delhi Elections were announced, Arvind Kejriwal again rebuild his army and all surveys shows his as the most preferred Cm for Delhi in 2015 elections. He is again contesting from his New Delhi seat.

9. As an MLA
Arvind Kejriwal worked a lot as an MLA. He held several Mohalla Sabhas in his New Delhi legislative constituency to know the problems of people and area. He carried out 60 projects and many projects had been successfully implemented in a short time.Here is the report card of Mr. Kejriwal showing how he used his MLA local area development fund
10. Mufflerman
Arvind Kejriwal became famous as Mufflerman. The campaign of branding Arvind Kejriwal became very famous via #Mufflerman.

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