Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind Kejriwal is an Indian politician, social activist and former Indian Revenue Service officer w
21. Magsaysay man
Kejriwal was at an RTI event in 2006 the day he got to know he had been awarded the years Magsaysay Award. He had spoken nonstop, engaging students and activists to file RTI applications when his phone rang. He took the call and later informed a colleague he had received the prestigious award. Moments later, he was back at what he was doing, normal as ever.
22. Surprise treats
Kejriwal is known to perk up the mood of his officewallahs with impromptu treats of patties or ice cream for the entire staff. He takes time out to chat with people and doesnt let phone calls break the conversation.
23. Blunt talker
Delhis CM in waiting has been provocative and outspoken in front of TV cameras, unbelievably blunt at times. Senior colleagues such as Prashant Bhushan have been seen straining and trying their best to rein him in. The Kejriwal of the early days and the man now are somewhat different, he appears a lot more restrained and mellowed.
24. Movie buff
Though he has hardly got any time with his family the last year, Kejriwal said in an interview he liked to take his kids to watch films. He is a fan of Aamir Khan and admires his work and enjoys comedies as well.
25. A regular student
His IIT batchmates say his foray into activism and politics was a bolt out of the blue for them. In his college days, Kejriwal never professed an interest in either going out with friends to play cards or for a round of drinks. Friends remember him as being more interested in theatre than academics.

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