Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Atal Bihari Vajpayee is an Indian statesman who was the eleventh Prime Minister of India.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Health issues
Vajpayee underwent knee replacement surgery at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai in 2001. He suffered a stroke in 2009 which impaired his speech. His health has been a major source of concern and those in the know say he is often confined to a wheelchair and fails to recognise people. He is said to be suffering from dementia and long term diabetes. He is not known to have attended any public event in recent years. He rarely ventures out of the house, except for checkups at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.Not many people visit him these days. The only regular visitors are N M Ghatate, Vajpayees friend of nearly six decades, Advani and B C Khanduri, who come to sit by his side or ask his daughter about his health. Dr. Manmohan Singh makes regular inquiries about his health and never misses wishing Vajpayee personally on his birthday.

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