Awesome Modular Kitchen Designs
Latest collections of modular kitchen designs, modular kitchen models.
1. Modular Kitchen
We sure have shown you a couple other photos of modular kitchen designs here in Home Design Lover in different colors, shades, sizes and manufacturers. This time is different. The list that we have for you guys is much better in terms of design and usage. This time, we will be showing you how they look in an existing kitchen and how much it works when you set them in place with all the right furniture, decor and even in the best homes. Most of them are contemporary in design and some are even modern, all the more they become interesting because we see how functional they are.
2. Apartment Gothic Quarter
The designers integrated much of the kitchen furniture and space surrounding it with wall paneling and simplified the geometry of the space.
3. ASAP House
From Abstrakt cupboards to Silestone countertops, this modern New York kitchen is indeed the epitome of all modular kitchens!
4. Boston Modern Kitchen
In most cases, for one to be able to achieve a modern look, minimalism is advised by designers, which is a good thing. In this picture we are able to see that the white modular glossy cabinets go well with the black island.
5. Dodd Kitchen
The materials used for this contemporary Los Angeles kitchen is really stunning. From the ceiling lighting to the corner window, from the double bowl sink to the modern kitchen appliances, who would not love this modular kitchen design.

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