benefits of star apple

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Benefits of Star Apple

31. Some treat diarrhea and dysentery
Indigenous people have used star apples to remedy a variety of ailments. In the Phillipines, some treat diarrhea and dysentery by brewing a decoction of leaves: a bark decoction heals the same. Other countries use the bitter bark to treat hemorrhages and gonorrhea. A longheld belief by some Cubans is the leafs ability to treat certain cancers.
32. Antioxidants
Star apples contain a number of healthy antioxidants including quercetin, quercitrin, isoquercitin, myricitrin, catechin, and gallic acid. Some of these antioxidants, such as quercetin, have wellknown health benefits including being anticancerous, antiasthma, and a regulator of metabolism. Antioxidants, in their various forms may help both protect body tissue from oxidative damage(primary anti oxidants) and repair damage already done (secondary antioxidants). The result is to slow aging that is in progress, and perhaps even reverse aging that has occurred. Star Power starfruit juice is rich in primary and secondary antioxidants. Turn back the clock with Star Power, the fountain of youth.
33. Fruit salad
Make a classic Caribbean fruit salad called the holy matrimony: simply mix star apple, oranges, and add a pinch of nutmeg. Create a star apple whip topping by folding in the pulp into any standard coconut whip recipe. Add atop tropical fruit salads like mango, banana, pineapple, and kiwi.
34. The Good Stuff
Star Power is pure starfruit juice loaded with the most antioxidant and vitamin C in a single bottle. Live longer, healthier and happier with Star Power. Fresh star fruits are available in two seasons. In Florida, for example, Arkin cultivars are available from December to March. In general, fruits just short of ripening stage are picked up for shipment and storage, since the ripe fruits tend to bruise easily, especially their thin ribbed edges.
35. Hydrating and Refreshing
Starfruit juice is refreshing unlike any other natural drink available. Just a sip will cool you down and wipe the sweat off your brow. Another sip and you feel the potent antioxidants putting life in your body again. It is energizing, without being an energy drink. By the third sip, youre hooked, and it is a wonderful day.
36. Use of Star Apple as a snack
Use of Star Apple as a snack
37. Way to serve this fruit
There is also an attractive way to serve this fruit by cutting
38. Wood
The tree is seldom felled for timber unless there is a particular need for it. The heartwood is pinkish or redbrown, violet, or darkpurple; finegrained, compact, heavy, hard, strong, tough but not difficult to work; durable indoors but not outside in humid conditions. It has been utilized for heavy construction and for deluxe furniture, cabinetwork and balustrades.
39. Latex
The latex obtained by making incisions in the bark coagulates readily and has been utilized as an adulterant of gutta percha. It was formerly proposed as a substitute for wax on the shelves of wardrobes and closets. Ripe fruits tend to perish early; however, they stay well in cold storages when kept at appropriate temperatures. At home, unripe light green fruits may be kept at room temperature until they turn rich orangeyellow color. Ripe fruits may keep well for 23 days at room temperature, but required to be stored inside the refrigerator for extended shelf life.
40. Medicinal Uses
The ripe fruit, because of its mucilaginous character, is eaten to sooth inflammation in laryngitis and pneumonia. It is given as a treatment for diabetes mellitus, and as a decoction is gargled to relieve angina. In Venezuela, the slightly unripe fruits are eaten to overcome intestinal disturbances. In excess, they cause constipation. A decoction of the rind, or of the leaves, is taken as a pectoral. A decoction of the tanninrich, astringent bark is drunk as a tonic and stimulant, and is taken to halt diarrhea, dysentery and hemorrhages, and as a treatment for gonorrhea and catarrh of the bladder. The bitter, pulverized seed is taken as a tonic, diuretic and febrifuge. Cuban residents in Miami are known to seek the leaves in order to administer the decoction as a cancer remedy

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