benefits of star apple

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Benefits of Star Apple

41. Very low calorie
Star apple is one of the very low calorie exotic fruits. 100 g fruit just provides 31 calories, which is much lower than any other popular tropical fruits. Nonetheless, it has an impressive list of essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins required for wellbeing.
42. Source of beta carotenes
Star fruit are a source of beta carotenes which when converted into retinol or Vitamin A help in maintaining good vision and appetite. Other polyphenolic antioxidants contained in the fruit act as antimicrobials against E.coli, Klebiesella sp., Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. A single cup of Carambola provides 1 percent each of Vitamin A and E.
43. Help with nausea and indigestion
The fruit is also said to help with nausea and indigestion and also known to cure hangovers and prickly heat. The fruit is give to nursing mothers as it is believed to stimulate milk flow. Sour type fruits are favored in cooking as they give unique tart flavor to poultry, meat, and seafood dishes. Cut sections of fresh fruit added in stews, curries, and stirfries with chicken, and fish and shrimp. The fruit can be used to make sauce, pickle, chutney, tarts, and jam.
44. Used to treat sore eyes
The fruit has also been used to treat sore eyes. The high concentration of watersoluble Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, is found in the Star fruit and helps maintain bones, teeth, skin, and mucous membranes and also boosts the immune systems. Vitamin C also helps aids in lowering the risk of gout and arthritis developing. A single cup of Star fruit provides 37.2 mg of Vitamin C which helps to ward off colds and flu.
45. Small amount of minerals and electrolytes
It also contains small amount of minerals and electrolytes like potassium, phosphorus, and zinc and iron. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure; thus, counters bad influences of sodium. The leaves are alternate, nearly evergreen, elliptic or oblongelliptic, slightly leathery, rich green and glossy on the upper surface, coated with silky, goldenbrown pubescence beneath when mature, though silvery when young.
46. Yield
In India, a mature star apple tree may bear 150 lbs (60 kg) of fruits in the short fruiting season of February and March. Star fruit, like grapefruit, has been found to interact adversely with many drugs. Some of the compounds in carambola irreversibly inhibit cytochrome P450 3A4 isoenzymes (3A4) in the intestines and liver.
47. Keeping Quality
Ripe fruits remain in good condition for 3 weeks at 37.4
48. Pests and Diseases
Larvae of small insects are sometimes found in the ripe fruits. The, main disease problem in the Philippines is stemend decay caused by species of Pestalotia and Diplodia. In Florida, some fruits may mummify before they are fullgrown. The foliage is subject to leaf spots from attack by Phomopsis sp., Phyllosticta sp., and Cephaleuros virescens, the latter known as algal leaf spot or green scurf.
49. Food Uses
Star apples must not be bitten into. The skin and rind (constituting approximately 33% of the total) are inedible. When opening a star apple, one should not allow any of the bitter latex of the skin to contact the edible flesh. The ripe fruit, preferably chilled, may be merely cut in half and the flesh spooned out, leaving the seed cells and core. A combination of the chopped flesh with that of mango, citrus, pineapple, other fruits and coconut water is frozen and served as Jamaica Fruit Salad Ice. An attractive way to serve the fruit is to cut around the middle completely through the rind and then, holding the fruit stemend down, twisting the top gently back and forth. As this is done, the flesh will be felt to free itself from the downward half of the rind, and the latter will pull away, taking with it the greater part of the core.
50. Star apple flowers
The fruits are round, purple or green depending upon variety.

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