benefits of star apple

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Benefits of Star Apple

61. Ultraviolet radiation and pests
Ingesting polyphenolic antioxidants
62. Inoculate Cancer
Cancer is more of a type of disease, rather than a single illness, and research suggests that the oxidative damage of free radicals can cause the first abnormal cell that grows into cancer. Exercise, good sleep, and avoidance of risky activity (like smoking), along with a diet including antioxidantrich foods might slow or help prevent the development of cancer. Put some antioxidant power in your corner with Star Power and live better.
63. Reverse Aging
The difference between getting older and aging is that one is a measure of time, and the other, a measure of the damage our body tissue has taken. Recent science suggests that this damage may be caused by the oxidative stress of free radical in our bodies. Antioxidants, in their various forms may help both protect body tissue from oxidative damage(primary anti oxidants)
64. Exotic yet Domestic
Starfruit is grown all over the world, and our agents have sampled the sweet, the tart, the smooth and the pulpy to come up with the perfectly balanced blend for Star Power. Our fruit comes through many layers of quality control right here in the US, and is held to the strictest of standards. We support our farmers by partnering with them to make sure they are paid fairly for their produce, and that we receive only the best, most juicy starfruit.
65. 100 Persent premium starfruit juice
Star Power is the only 100% premium starfruit juice on the market. Other brands will try to sell you 100% juice mixed with pineapple, pear or another sweet filler impurity. Only Star Power promises you 100% starfruit in every bottle. No additives, no preservatives.

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