Best Cities for young People
The worlds best cities for young people.
1. Toronto
Toronto needs to improve in the category of youth civic participation (it scores 23rd out of 25 cities ranked), but that weakness aside, Toronto is a great place to be a young person today, as well-rounded as major towns come. Among the 16 categories used by YouthfulCities to gauge a citys appeal to young people, Toronto scores in the top five in nine of them: diversity, digital access, youth employment, financial access, economic status, food and nightlife, music and film, fashion and art, and public spaces.
2. Seoul
South Koreas capital city has its weaknesses, according to YouthfulCities; it ranked 25th out of 25 major cities studied for its safety and mental health infrastructure among youths, for example. But while Seoul finishes last in one category, it finishes first in another. Seoul is, by YouthfulCities measure, the best city in the world for environmental stability. That means Seouls quality of water, recycling system, carbon emissions per capita and public transit participation is among the tops in the world.
3. Tokyo
The second of two Asian cities to appear on this list, Tokyos economy makes it a good choice for the worlds youths. According to YouthfulCities, Tokyos overall work atmosphere is more beneficial for its youth than any other surveyed city, meaning the citys employment, employment resources, levels of student debt, minimum wage and housing affordability are at or near the best in the world.
4. Los Angeles
Los Angeles may be as well-rounded as cities come when it comes to serving youths, ranking in the top 10 in half of the 16 categories YouthfulCities used in its survey. Above all, L.A. excels for its entrepreneurial spirit. Palo Alto and Silicon Valley are famously north of L.A., but the City of Angels is no slouch when it comes to startups. According to YouthfulCities, Los Angeles has among the youngest age limits required to register a business, the most early-stage entrepreneurial activity and the best infrastructure to support new companies in the world.
5. London
London has a sterling reputation for environmental stability, ranking as the highest-scoring city among the European cities included in this study. Londons hallmark, however, is its diversity. The U.K. capital has the second-most diverse youth population in the world among those aged 15-29, a measure that includes everything from variety of cultures and food choices to languages to vote in and openness to minorities (which includes minorities based on sexual orientation, religion or immigration).

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