Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World
The Top Best Eco Friendly Hotels and Resorts around the world.
1. Longitude 131 Australias Northern Territory
The central region of Australias Northern Territory is a desert. It is a worldfamous desert though because it features Ayers Rock the worlds biggest monolith. Its a harsh and bleak environment that could easily be mistaken for a spot on Mars. To those who visit the ecofriendly resort of Longitude 131 behind Ayers Rock though the desert can only seem like a bed of roses. The resort is built into 15 huge luxury tents that feature every indulgence known to man. The fact that the resort uses no actual buildings makes it particularly kind on the environment that it is in. With everything from the air conditioning to the lighting running exclusively off solar power theres little pollution to worry about either. Activities at this resort involve hiking amateur astronomy dining out under the stars.
2. Whitepod Resort the Swiss Alps
If you love the idea of experiencing the pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps but worry about the environmental impact the White Pod resort can help you to take all the beauty in with practically no harm done to the environment. Like Longitude 131 the Whitepod resort too uses no conventional construction. Visitors to the White pod resort live in large futuristic looking tents that are built to resemble observatories. The designers have gone so far trying to not hurt the environment that they even change the color of the tents depending on the season white for winter and green for the warm months. The resort won the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism for its lowimpact design.
3. The Finca Rosa Blanca Inn Costa Rica
The Finca Rosa Blanca Inn ecoresort is built right into the cloud forests of Costa Rica. The design of the Finca Rosa Blanca Inn uses some of the most impressive ecofriendly technology in the world. It is the highest ranking member of the Sustainable Tourism Certificate scheme in the world achieving a perfect 100 score the only one in the world to do so. The resort has its own coffee plantation that guests can hike through a spa horseback riding and native music.
4. EcoCamp Torres del Paine National Park Patagonia Chile
The Torres del Paine National Park in Chile has been home to the Kawesqar nomadic tribes for centuries. These tribes have traditionally lived in domelike tents. In keeping with the nomadic traditions of the Patagonia region the EcoCamp resort is constructed entirely out of geodesic tents. Inside though these tents offer all the indulgence that you could want. EcoCamps environmental credentials come from the way the entire resort is built on lowimpact methods low emission woodstoves energy from renewable resources and so on.
5. Nimmo Bay Resort Great Bear Rainforest British Columbia
British Columbia the Canadian state on the Pacific coast offers some of the grandest and wildest expanses of forest in the world. Located north of Vancouver Nimmo Bay Resort offers visitors a true experience of the wild beauty of Canadas wilderness. The area is not even approachable by road. You need to come in by helicopter or by boat. Once you get there you get to experience the flora and fauna of the region up close. Grizzly bears fishing in the river outside your window and dolphins flipping out of the ocean are everyday sights.

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