Best Places to Celebrate New Year
There are plenty of places to celebrate New Year's.
1. New york city
It may not be for everyone, but theres no denying that New Years Eve in New York City has an atmosphere that few other cities can rival. Most famous, of course, is the annual gathering of a million people in Times Square to see famous musicians and the ball drop, in which a 12 foot wide crystal ball weighing nearly 12,000 pounds descends atop One Times Square. For a slightly less chaotic experience, book a reservation at one of the bars or restaurants overlooking Times Square. And for something completely different, consider a nighttime boat ride on New York Harbor, which offers the best views of the midnight fireworks display on Liberty Island.
2. Rio de janeiro
If Rio is best known for its Carnival festivities, its New Years Eve celebration comes in a close second. Iconic Copacabana Beach hosts the worlds largest (and arguably) wildest New Years Eve party, in which more than two million people cram onto the two and a half mile stretch of sand. Known as R
3. Sydney
Sydney has two claims to fame for its New Years Eve celebrations first, because of its location, its the first major city where the clock strikes midnight; second, Sydney puts on the largest fireworks display in the world, with one at 9 pm and another at midnight, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House making for a striking setting. More than a million people attend the waterfront show, which also includes an air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics, an Aboriginal smoking ceremony that is said to cleanse bad spirits, and the Harbour of Light Parade, a mass flotilla of more than 50 illuminated boats in the harbor.
4. Edinburgh
Hogmanay translates to last day of the year, but the annual festivities in Edinburgh actually last three days. Things kick off on December 30 with a torchlight procession through the city that culminates in a fireworks finale, while New Years Eve is all about massive street parties and outdoor concerts, including a massive, open air Kelidh (traditional Celtic party). At midnight, 4.5 tons of fireworks explode over Edinburgh Castle while the streets ring out with revelers singing Auld Lang Syne. New Years Day brings competitive dog sledding across Holyrood Park; brave souls jumping into the ice cold waters of the River Forth at the conclusion of the Loony Dook parade (a charity event); and ScotLands, a multivenue music and arts festival.
5. London
Londoners ring in the New Year as only they can, to the chiming of Big Ben at midnight. More than 250,000 people crowd the banks of the Thames and its numerous bridges to see the spectacular 10 minute lightshow and fireworks display, with the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament (also known as the Parliament of Westminster), and the new Shard among highlights of the urban scenery. The fun doesnt end there, though there are many after parties, and on New Years Day the streets of central London see a parade that features colorful floats, marching bands, costumed dancers, and a procession of the Queens horses.

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