Carrer Success Tips
A career coach gives advice to help you land your dream job.
1. Online Networking
Use resources like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with people in your field. Just be sure to keep the unprofessional aspects of your personal life out of your profile. And remember that social networking is like a cocktail party: If you talk only about yourself and your accomplishments, youll bore people. Start a dialogue.
2. Networking in Person
Shy, Dont be defeated by networking. Set goals for yourself at networking events, and your skills will improve with time. Fortunately for you, being a good listener is an asset in networking, so make your introverted personality your advantage.
3. Stand out
An important question to keep in mind as you write your resume is What did I accomplish in this job that someone else wouldnt have, Thinking about the answer to that will give you some great talking points for your interview, as well.
4. Be Discreet
If youre looking for a job while youre already working, let recruiters know that discretion is key. You can use an offer to negotiate within your own company, but be prepared: Some employers do not take kindly to your interviewing with another company, and you could lose your current job.
5. Beware of Blunders
The most common pitfalls in resume writing: not being specific about accomplishments, being too wordy, including a generic objective statement, and keeping college accomplishments on your resume for too long. And watch the small stuff, like typos in your correspondence with the hiring manager. Tiny mistakes can mean the difference between an interview and a rejection.

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