Cartoon Characters
Cartoon characters are personas from cartoons, which are animated moving sequences .
1. Alvin Chipmunk
This little guy reaches my list of cartoon characters because of his adorable little chipmunk attitude that never stinks.

He is the lead singer of the the group, Alvin and the Chipmunks. He is joined by two other chipmunks in this group.

2. Angelica Pickles
You always need a villain in the story, and Angelica doesnt mind fulfilling this role.

She is one of the characters in RugRats, and later created cartoon called All Grown Up. She will always be the big sister and with this comes some responsibilities she might just not always want to accept and some other times she will abuse them.

3. Arthur
Arthur is one of those aardvark kids who can teach you quite a bit, since he has his own children books series.

Ive added him to this list of cartoon characters since he is the only aardvark I know of that has some IQ to talk about.

4. Atom Ant
Atom Ant was added to the list of cartoon characters because of his special reputation as a superhero-ant.

He operated out of an anthill in the countryside, where he had interesting things like a mainframe computer and exercise

equipment. He has the powers of flying, super-speed, incredible strength, and invulnerability.

He has this adorable catch phrase Up and at em, Atom Ant!
He was often contacted by the police, who sent him out on assignments.

This little guy fights various villains including ones that appear more than often, like Ferocious Flea and mad scientist Professor Von Gimmick.

5. Barney Rubble
This ancient guy is the bestest-best friend of Fred Flintstone.

Barney and his wife, Betty, with their little boy, Bam-Bam has a lot of fun with the Flintstone family in the cartoon called The Flintstones.

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