Christmas Gifts Ideas
A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment.
1. Golf Balls
Nike, Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade. Theyre all part of Birdie Lifes ball of the month club, which ranges from one sleeve, up to a full box, and from three months to a full year. A golf towel is included with the first shipment. Tees come with all.
2. Salami
Oregons Olympic Provisions salumeria makes twelve kinds of dry cured salami, one for every month in the year. Choose from one, two, or three of the months featured selection. Then look forward to fennel laden Finocchiona, spicy Chorizo Navarre, and more varieties.
3. Beers
For the best and most affordable selection of beer from U.S. craft breweries, the Craft Beer Club delivers. Four different beer styles and breweries are loaded into each months twelve bottle shipment, and new subscribers get extra freebies like glassware. Recent boxes have included Pennsylvanias Lancaster, North Carolinas Foothills, and Indianas Upland brewing companies. At the very least, hell have something new in his hand come Super Bowl.
4. Wines
Everyone seems to offer a wine of the month membership these days. One of the originals, the aptly named Wine of the Month Club, has options ranging from two entry level bottles up to six Cellar Series bottles. A money back guarantees promises youll never pay for a bottle he doesnt like.
5. Coffee
Each months box includes four ounces of coffee whole bean or ground from three different artisan roasters like Flying Goat in Santa Rosa, California, or Kuma in Seattle. Customized tasting notes and brewing tips accompany each delivery. Itll be a nice reminder you care each morning, before his eyeballs have fully opened.

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