Crazy Facts
Bringing you some of the most craziest, most freakiest and most astonishing facts on this earth.
1. Mettalic Meals
Weird Foods
"Food Finish is food coloring in a spray can. It turns any humdrum meal into fancy dinner! It comes in a range of sparkly fun colors:Gold, Silver, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red."
2. Goemetric fruit
Weird Foods
These awesome fruit and veggie stills are made by Turkish artist Sakir Gockebag. Believe It or Not, none of these images have been manipulated or photo edited! Gockebag creates these striking patterns using organic produce.
3. Neurotic Brunch
Weird Foods
Ivo Vos is a product and interaction designer, based in London. His latest line caters towards those who prefer their catering, well, catered to. Vos' line, Brunch, is a brunch set specifically designed for those of us who like a little control with our breakfast.
4. Caffeinated Art
Weird Foods
Russian artist Arkady Kim recently set a new record when he created the world's largest coffee mural.It required 397lbs of coffee, 5 assistants and 12 days. Kim's dramatic mural-portrait of a woman called Awakening. All of the coffee used to create the work was donated by a Russian coffee company. The mural spans 30 square meters of Moscow's Gorky Central Park.
5. Volcanic Cooking
Weird Foods
This restaurant is located on top of an active volcano and is sure to get your kebabs grilling nice and crispy. Powered by a flaming inferno that reaches to a deep pit underground, chefs at El Diablo Restaurant rely on their “kitchen appliance” of choice to never break down. There is reportedly no danger of the semi-dormant volcano blowing sky high. The restaurant has been in place since the 1970?s and serves traditional Canary Islands cuisine.

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    Element : neodymium
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    Atomic no. : 60
    Melting Point (deg c) : 1021
    Boiling Point (deg c) : 3074
    Discoverer : von welsbach (1885)
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