Crazy Facts
Bringing you some of the most craziest, most freakiest and most astonishing facts on this earth.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Mettalic Meals
Goemetric fruit
Neurotic Brunch
Caffeinated Art
Volcanic Cooking
Banana Sculptures
Sweet Sweet Sugary Bugs
One in a Million Red/Green Apple
That's not Ice Cream
6 Double Yoked Eggs in One Box
Door To Hell
River House
Flying Chihuahua
Lost in Japan found in Alaska
The World's Deepest Bedroom
Crooked Forest
Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala
Corpse Flower
Frozen Waterfall
Real Life Hobbit House
World's Thinnest House
Plastic Clouds
Mirror Sculptures
Cardboard Origami Bike
Austria's Upside Down House
Tiger and Turtle Magic Mountain
Solar Powered Mini Movie Theatre
Paper Horses
Unbelievable Twins
Flexible Sculptures
World's Smallest Hybrid Car Microcar
Ostrich Pillow
One in 20 Million Shot
Pen Art
Real Interactive Art
The Wildest Zoo
The Incredible One Man Band
Canned Air
Doggie Service
Dolphin Lifeguards
Christmas Island Red Crab
Wonder Pup
Bird Buggy
World's Biggest Bunny
Skydiving Dog
Zack the Zebra
Miniature Giraffes
Camel Festival
Motorcycle Temple
Ambulance Taxis
Toilet Theme Park
Coffin Therapy
Robot Restaurant
Foiled Again
Swamp Soccer
Kung Fu Fighting
Cave Homes
Indian Holy Man Amar Bharati
Benjamin Button Jellyfish
Human Tails
Eye Screens
World's First Hybrid Tank
Human vs Robot
Paper Airplane
Robot Waiters
Pen in your stomach
UV Light to Heal Scratches
Glowing Dog

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    Did you Know :

    The largest human organ is the liver, which weighs about 55 ounces in a person weighing 150 pounds. By some definitions, the skin is an organ, in which case skin would be the largest organ at 384 ounces.
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