Creative Valentines Day Gift
surprise your better half with one of these creative Valentine's Day gift ideas.
1. Happy Thoughts Glasses
Kick off a day full of love with a glass full of good vibes.With messages like, You are so incredibly awesome! and You are the best part of my day, there no way she could start her morning and every morning from now on with anything but a smile.
2. ReWined Candles
After a long week at the office, help her relax and de stress on Valentine Day by filling her home with the scent of her favorite post work indulgence.These wine scented candles are made out of you guessed it recycled wine bottles and come in all of her favorite types, from merlot to sauvignon blanc.
3. Custom Postcard Pack
Showcase some of her best scenic snapshots from the trips you have taken together with this set of custom postcards.You can even let one double as your Valentine Day card Just make sure one of the photos features the two of you, and scribble a sweet note on the back.
4. Apology Notepad
Everyone makes mistakes acknowledge your flaws and be proactive about future faux pas with this hilarious notepad.Filling out the first sheet with one of your more recent slip ups and the reason for your indiscretion ( Mercury was in retrograde or I?m a schmuck ) will guarantee immediate forgiveness and lots of laughter.Hopefully, she would not use the entire notepad before next Valentine Day.
5. Long Distance Relationship State Mugs
If you spent the bulk of this past year apart or can not celebrate together this February 14, these ceramic mugs are the perfect find.Each one is customized with your respective states and the artist uses a heart to identify both of your cities.Whenever she drinks coffee, she will be thinking of you!

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