Cute Nail Art Designs
The beauty nail girl is just in a beauty nail.All for fashion desigan now present you most beauty.
1. Simple Nail Designs for Beginners
The below design is easy and simple and suitable for Beginners.It is basically double color.For beginners it is hard to maintain nail designs and an a poor or worn out nail designs will take away beauty from women instead of adding.
2. Easy Nail Designs
Below you can see a nail design which very easy to do.These type of designs are suitable for beginners.This nail designs can be adopted if you do not have much time to do or you want to do it yourself.
3. Cool Nail Designs
Cool nail designs will show that you are a cool girl.The below design is really simple and easy to do.Just add black color first and then do the designs with white.
4. Simple Nail Designs
Simple designs are best for family get together and for informal or casual occasions.These designs are easy to do.The below nail design is really cool and attractive.You can come up your own designs.
5. Simple Nail Designs for Short Nails
If the nail is short it is better to go for a design suitable for that nail.Below you can find some designs people have used for short nails.You can get an idea about the designs suitable for short nails.

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