Dams in India
There are many important dams and barrages in India .
1. Cheruthoni Dam
Cheruthoni Dam, the largest concrete gravity dam in Kerala, is located close to Idukki arch dam. It is the third highest dam in India with a 454 feethigh across River Cheruthoni. Idukki is a hill station in India, is much famous for its wildlife treasure keenly followed by other attractions too. These two dams are one of best picnic spot for the tourists, The Idukki and Cheruthoni dams opened to the public in connection with the Onam festival season. At the end of the Cheruthoni dam continue walking along the properly fenced road lead to Idukki Dam. The height of 560 feet brought a thrilling experience and wonderful view of greens valley.
Height: 450 feet
Length: 2300 feet
Type: Concrete Gravity Dam
River: Cheruthoni River.
2. Indira Sagar Dam
Indira sagar dam built on the Narmada river with a height of 92m. is concrete gravity dam, located in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. Indira sagar project was the key project on Narmada river providing excellent storage site of water. Indira Sagar Dam has the biggest reservoir in India.
Height: 92 m
Length: 653 m
Type: Concrete Gravity Dam
River: Narmada River
Location: Madhya Pradesh.
Installed capacity: 1,000 MW.
3. Krishnarajasagar Dam
Krishnarajasagar Dam: Krishnarajasagar dam built across Kaveri River near Mysore in Karnataka. It is one of the principal and largest dam built on the river Kaveri in Karnatakain, South India. The Kaveri is one of the major river in India and there is a Famous and beautiful Brindavan Gardens attached to the dam, its a part of the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam and is the most beautiful gardens in Mysore and one of best Garden in India.
Height: 125 feet
Length: 3.5km
Type: Masonry Dam
River: Kaveri River
Location: Karnataka
Installed capacity: 200 MW .
4. Mettur Dam
Mettur Dam built across Kaveri River at Salem district in Tamil Nadu with a height of 120 ft. It is one the largest and one of the oldest dam built in India. Mettur Dam has biggest and the most power generating capacity dam in Tamil Nadu. Mettur Dam is very beautiful place of tourist, the river is a wonderful site to explorer the nature.
Height: 120 ft.
Length: 1700 meters
Type: Concrete Dam
River: Kaveri River
Location: Tamil Nadu
Installed capacity: 32 MW.
5. Bisalpur Dam
The greatest dam of RajasthanBisalpur, located in Tonk District of Rajasthan. The dam is built across the Banas River between two mountains. The largest dam of RajasthanBisalpur with a height of 39m is one of the honor of Rajasthan. Tonk dam attract vast variety of birds local as well as migratory.
Height: 130 ft.
Length: 1883 ft
Type: Gravity Dam
River: Banas River
Installed capacity: 172 MW.

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