Dangerous Situations And How To Escape
Part of the training provided at Sealed Mindset includes learning how to escape potentially dangerou. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Buried alive
As unlikely as this scenario is, its happened before. First, as soon as you stop panicking, cover your face with your shirt because youre about to get messy. Put your arms and feet up. Using your legs, push (duh). Your legs are always stronger. Due to the fact that you have limited oxygen you may want to do this like your life depends on it (it does). Pray that the casket is wood. If so you only have to crack it. Once this happens youll be glad the shirt is over your face. Dirt will start pouring in so use your feet to push it away from you to the other end of the casket. Assuming that you are not too deep this is the part where you claw your way to the surface like a zombie. And speaking of zombies, this brings us to our most dangerous situatio.

Feet trapped in algae
Buried alive
Stampeding crowd
Building on fire
Attacked in elevator
Drove car into a lake
Lost in woods
Dog Attack

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