Dangerous Situations And How To Escape
Part of the training provided at Sealed Mindset includes learning how to escape potentially dangerou. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Long Fall
Weve all done it, every time were on an airplane or the 19th floor of our hotel. Its that nagging thought, ?What if I fell??. Well, dont go headfirst just yet. As hopeless as this situation seems people have survived. The world record free fall without a parachute is 10,000 meters. There are several things you can do to increase your chances. First, assume the arch position (skydiving term, look it up). Essentially just spread yourself out as much as possible to create drag. Second, spot your landing. No joke. Concrete is a big no no. Look for water, preferably moving water. You can maneuver yourself to the right by dropping your right shoulder and vice versa. Finally, relax, bend your knees, go feet first, and try to roll. If you do all this youll at least maximize your chances of having a really crazy story to tell.

Lightning storm
School Shooting
Caught in crossfire
Fell into an ice hole
Dog Attack
Feet trapped in algae
Stung by jellyfish
Choking on food

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