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Enjoy New Year

How to Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family
1. Cook up an amazing meal
This is the night to have all the food that you and your family would not normally make at home due to expense or effort. Considering that eating out on New Years Eve often costs more when the prices are increased for the event, this is a good excuse to splurge a little. Ask family members to contribute both their skills and any resources to help turn it into a feast.
2. Delegate
Assign each person to be responsible for a different task, recipe, or course. Food choices can include seafood, fish or vegetarian (these selections make a great break from all the poultry over the holiday period). Add lots of fresh salads and perhaps tapas type dishes to keep food light but varied.
3. Light candles use silverware and bring out the best china
You may not be able to afford upmarket restaurants, but who says you cant dine in style at home?
4. In countries celebrating New Years Eve during summer
Eating al fresco is a great way for you and your family to spend quality time together. Have each person contribute/make the food, bring some wine for the adults (juice for the kids) and drive to your favorite spot. Its sure to trigger some deep and meaningful conversation between your family and yourself.
5. Decide together on things to do
There are lots of opportunities to spend fun time together on New Years Eve, depending on where you live and the climate. Simply sitting down together and reminiscing over where the past year has taken you each individually and your family as a whole is a great way to spend one part of the night. Other ideas include
6. Taking a walk together as a family
If youre in a warm climate, try the beach, the local park, favorite streets, etc. If youre in a cold climate, rug up, and head for favorite walking spots that arent too difficult to navigate in the dark and cold. You can still go to your favorite beach if youve all bundled up adequately during a winter New Years Eve. Sharing a walk together can be a great opportunity to share things that might not be discussed just sitting around the house.
7. Confirming a new start
If your family is planning a new start, perhaps walk or drive to somewhere meaningful to mark the start of your new journey together. For example, if youre moving cities, try going to a lookout over the city and saying farewell to the city and toasting to your new start.
8. Tasting food or drink
Try a wine, champagne, beer, chocolate or other food tasting event for the evening. There are non-alcoholic versions of wine and beer for those unable to drink. Keep scorecards to add to the evenings entertainment.
9. Playing board games
Set up a major board games night, with some cool prizes for winners, along with lots of delicious nibbles and drinks. Have games suited to all ages so that everyone can join in the fun. It helps to assign a coordinator for such an event choose the family member who loves organizing everything.
10. Playing physical games such as football
Again, prizes can be awarded or simply keep score.

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