Enjoy New Year
How to Enjoy New Year's Eve at Home With Your Family. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Cook up an amazing meal
Light candles use silverware and bring out the best china
In countries celebrating New Years Eve during summer
Decide together on things to do
Taking a walk together as a family
Confirming a new start
Tasting food or drink
Playing board games
Playing physical games such as football
Watching movies or even something like a concert or a Broadway show
Make a New Years resolution together
This can be a good chance to make resolutions that require the help of others
Invite other families over
Keep an eye on the time
Singing Auld Lang Syne and hold the hands of everyone participating
Gazing at fireworks
Dont forget the all important kiss with your spouse or date
Take a New Years Eve Dinner Cruise
Have a Laugh
Head to the Pub
Go Clubbing with a New Years Eve Club Night
Enjoy Dinner and a Show
Speed Along the Thames
Family New Years Eve in London
Experience the New Years Day Parade

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