Exchanging Christmas Gifts
Coming up with Christmas gift exchange ideas can be hard for anyone.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Start a rotating gift box
Introduce a gag gift
Have a cobweb party
Do a kids musical chairs gift exchange
Do a Yankee Swap White Elephant
Play holiday trivia
gift with your family
Eliminate the guesswork
Buy recurring gifts
With family
Adopt another family for the holidays
Put a charitable spin on secret Santa
Swap toys with Santa
Ornament craft exchange
Pet present exchange
Cocktail swap
Germany and Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Host a wrapping party
Cookie swap packing party
Cake Walk Exchange
Holiday Trivia Exchange
Holiday Laughter Exchange
Christmas Card Match
Treasure Hunt Exchange
Holiday Cheer Exchange
Left Right Gift Exchange
Rewards on a Ribbon Exchange
Musical Gifts
Christmas Carols Exchange

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