Eye care tips for Computer users
Easy steps you can take to reduce your risk of computer eye strain and other common symptoms. . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Stop Rubbing The Eyes
Pay Attention To YourPosition
Wear Sunglasses
Follow The 20 20 20 Rule
Do Not Smoke Breathe In Fresh Air
Follow A Balanced Diet
If You Often Make Up Your Eyes Choose The Quality Products
Protect The Eyes From Sharp Objects Or Chemicals
Do Not Wear Decorative Contact Lenses
Make Use Of Tea Bags
Consume Less Salt
Physical Exercises
Splash Water On The Face
Check Your Eyes Regularly
Use Eye Care Drops
Apply Cucumber On Eyelids
Reduce Your Time Spent On Network
Play Outdoor Activities
Cure Puffy Eyes
Remove Dark Circles And Have Natural Healthy Eyes
Have a Break
Eye Exercises
Watering Eyes
Breathe Regularly
Computer Position & Screen Adjustment
Consider computer eyewear
Modify your workstation
Minimize glare
Get a comprehensive eye exam
Take your vitamins
Try massage or eye cupping
Sit far enough away from the screen
Locate the computer screen 4 or 5 inches below your eye level
Locate reference material properly
Ask your eye doctor about specialized glasses
Stop working if you experience symptoms of digital eye strain computer vision syndrome
Visit the eye doctor annually
Wear goggles whenever you re working with tools or chemicals
Add zinc to your diet
Include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet
Drink plenty of water
Rest your eyes
Eye Rolling
Focus Shifting
Distance Gazing

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