Famous Nurses Who Made History
Famous Nurses Who Made History . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Linda Richards
The First Trained American Female Nurse (1841 to 1930) Malinda Anne Judson Richards, Americas first trained female nurse was moved to enter the nursing profession due to the death of her parents from tuberculosis. Although she already got informal training from her mothers physician, Richards pursued teaching. It was only after the death of her fianc? from the Civil War that she finally decided to become nurse, and worked at the Boston City Hospital. After serving barely as maid in the hospital, Richards signed up for a nurse training program at the New England Hospital for Women and Children, and graduated in 1873. The New York City gave Richards opportunity to prove her worth in the profession, being able to develop the system of keeping records of each patient at the Bellevue Hospital. Significantly, her concept was widely integrated in the U.S. and England, including Florence Nightingales St. Thomas Hospital where she later on furthered her nurse training. She also went to Kings College Hospital and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in Scotland for added training and education. In 1874, Richards came to be the superintendent of Boston Training School who turned the then dying nurse training program into one of Americas best, with all the nursing knowledge that she brought with her when she came back in 1877. After 9 years, Richards had gone off to Japan where she opened Japans first nurses training school in Kyoto during her 5 year missionary service there.

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