Famous Nurses Who Made History
Famous Nurses Who Made History . Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Diane Carlson Evans
Vietnam War Nurse & Founder and President of Vietnam Womens Memorial Foundation (1946 to Present) Diane Carlson Evans served as surgical nurse in the surgical and burnt unit of the 36th Evacuation Hospital in Vung Tau and in the 71st Evacuation Hospital in Pleiku. Before she treaded the risky life of a combat nurse, she was equipped with knowledge of nursing school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduation, Evans readily joined the Army Nurse Corps. At 21, she was sent to the Vietnam War and served there for 1 year. Diane Carlson Evans fought for the honor of the women who bravely battled side by side with male soldiers in Vietnam War era. It took 7 years of lobbying before the congress, convincing the legislators to recognize the immense value of 11,000 military women to Vietnam and the 265,000 others in service during the war. In November 11, 1993, the Vietnam Womens Memorial was dedicated. Many American Veterans continue to support the foundation, wherein Evans still actively serves as president.

Edith Cavell
Isabella Baumfree
Sarah Emma Edmonds
Ruby Bradley
Clara Barton
Diane Carlson Evans
Linda Richards
Mary Todd Lincoln

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