Get Stylish Hair
Get stylish hairdos at home and be a stunner at the party. With simple steps.
1. Hippy
a. Flip your hair and spray lightly on the underside. Also spray on the hair ends.
b. Run your fingers in them until they dry.
c. Gather your hair from the centre and put bobby pins.
d. Now take the rest of the hair and start curling them around the iron rod at ear level. Cover about 1 inch area for curling, at a time.
e. Now remove the bobby pins and curl this section of hair too.
f. Shake your head a little to make the hair a little messy.
g. Take some hair from each side of the parting and pin them back. Put shine spray.
2. Curly Twist
a. Take 2 inch wide section of your hair from either side of the parting and tuck them back with bobby pins. Loosen them a bit.
b. Take a section of hair from above the left ear to make a low pony tail. Do the same on the right side.
c. Now twist each of the pony tails one by one till you reach the back of your head and tuck them at the centre with bobby pins.
d. You are left with a bunch of hair at the nape of your neck which you can twirl up and tuck with pins to finish the style.
3. Side Bun
a. Comb your hair into a deep side parting.
b. Collect your hair and make a low, side ponytail behind the ear opposite the parting with a rubber band.
c. Now twist the hair towards your ear and then twist again under the pony tail making a bun. (Donít forget to leave the ends of your hair free.
d. Now pierce a hair stick from one end of the bun to the other and fasten with its clutch.
4. Wavy Curls
a. Comb your hair into a side parting. Gather hair from the bigger section, twist it up several times and tuck it with bobby pins on the parting. Use more pins to tuck any loose hair.
b. Collect your hair from the other side and tuck them in a similar way.
c. Now twist a section of the hair around the vertical iron rod making a spiral. Repeat the process until all the hair is curled.
d. Run your fingers through the curls lightly to loosen them and put hair spray.
5. Puffed up Pony
a. Comb your hair forwards and clip the section of hair from ear to ear to put it out of way.
b. Now take a bunch of hair from the centre and do back combing with a thin toothed comb to give volume in the centre. Put hair spray to make the puffed up hair stable.
c. Unclip the front hair, flatten and comb over the puffed up hair.
d. Gather all the hair at the nape of the neck, leaving just a few strands from the centre and tie them with a rubber band to make a high pony.
e. Curl the left out strands of hair around the rubber band to hide it and slid a slim hair - band close to the hairline.

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