Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years
The Greatest Technological Inventions of the Past 25 Years. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Blu ray
We have to admit, we at Complex still rock with regular ol DVDs. However, that doesn t mean we don t appreciate the huge step forward the Blu ray disc represented for digital media. With the ability to store 25 gigs of data on one disc, the amount of cool shit that movie and video game companies can give to the consumer is limitless. Yeah, many thought HD DVD was better, and many more believe there s no future in solid state media, but thanks to the PS3, damn near 40 million people own a Blu ray player. Combine that with the fact that 3 D content will be strictly Blu ray and you have a format that we think is here to stay. Maybe we ll make the Blu ray, not to PS3.

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