Hanuman is a Hindu god and an ardent devotee of Rama.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
All the Vanar sena (monkey soldier), Hanumanji, Angad and Jambhavant started looking for Mother Sita in every direction. But their search yield no result and they all sat by the ocean all distressed. Then Hanumanji met Sampati whose brother Jatayu was killed while he was trying to stop Mother Sita from being kidnapped by Lanka king Ravan. Sampati told Hanuman that he could see Mother Sita in Ashokvatika in Lanka. Now jumping the huge ocean was a task. Everyone was standing on the coast overlooking the ocean, and were worried as to how they can cross such a mighty ocean.At that instant, Jambhavant remembered about Hanumans lost powers.He said,I can cross this ocean but to make a comeback would be tough for me as I am old now. But Hanuman you can do it. He then reminds MahaveerHanumanji about his childhood mischief and how he was cursed.

Everyone sang praises in honor of Hanumaji and reminded him of his hidden powers and strength which helped him to regain his lost powers. By chanting the name of Lord Shri Ram Hanumanji started growing and growing. Everyone was surprised to see him in this form and this is when he was named MAHAVEER Extremely brave or the courageous one. Remembering Shri Ram in his heart Hanumanji took the leap and crossed the 100 yojan samudar (800 miles ocean) and reached Lanka in search of mother Sita

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