Honeymoon Places
Best honeymoon destination and vacation planning ideas, tips and top ten lists.
1. Seychelles Beach
Africa , World
Situated on island Ikaria, Seychelles is one of the most picturesque beaches in the world, is covered with pink sands. When the sun rays fall on the sands, it creates a beautiful sparkling effect against a backdrop of towering granite boulder. The reef protects you from the ocean's waves and the water here is shallow, perfect for swimming.

Must do : Visit to Art Galleries
2. Lanikai Beach Hawaii
USA , World
Beautiful and scenic, this beach is filled with white sand, beautiful tropical plants and palms with ample sunshine for sun bathing. The surfing here is calm and it is protected by a coral reef. Soothing to the eye, the water is deep green here and perfect for honeymooners.

Must do : Must enjoy the sunrise
3. Fraser Island
Australia , World
Situated at the Queensland coast, northeast of Brisbane, this island is the largest sand island and a paradise on earth. It is also a world heritage site and an ecologist's haven. With old trees and rain forests, it's a perfect destination for a beach holiday

Must do : Visit Lake Mackenzie
4. St Bart's France
France , World
If you are looking for perfect honeymoon beaches, St. Bart's stands out as it has a blend of French chic and island relaxation both. It is one of the many islands in the Caribbean Sea and has lovely secluded beaches. The 13 kilometre stretch offers fine French cuisine, and has many hotels. It is perfect for swimmers and sunbathers, with white sand and sparkling water

Must do : St. Barts Music Festival held every January
5. Langkawi Malaysia
Malaysia , World
“Langkawi” means “the land of one's wishes” It is located on Pulau Langkawi, on the Andaman Sea. It is a modern get away from the crowded and congested city life. Perfect clear waters, white sands and lush green forests, you will be glad you came here.

Must do : Visit to ‘Eagle Square'

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