Horse Breeds
Horses are very intelligent, independent and free spirited animals.
1. Arabian
The Arabian or Arab horse is a breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula. With a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world. This breed is sensitive and intelligent, which enable quick learning and greater communication with their riders. Arabians have a natural tendency to cooperate with humans and make a good companion.
2. American Quarter Horse
The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the United States today, Horse is well known both as a race horse and for its performance in rodeos sport. It has a small, short, refined head with a straight profile, and a strong, well-muscled body, featuring a broad chest and powerful, rounded hindquarters.
3. Paint
The Paint horse is one of the most popular breed in the United States. Paint Horse has a particular combination of white and another colour of the equine spectrum. Most common are horses with white spots combined with black, or brown.
4. Miniature Horse
Miniature horses are found in many nations, particularly in Europe and the Americas. Miniature horse is a small, sound, well-balanced horse with qualities like strength, agility and alertness. Miniature horses are friendly and interact well with people. For this reason they are often kept as family pets also.
5. Thoroughbred
These horses have been described as “majestic and athletic” and they are known to run FAST and best known for its use in horse racing. Thoroughbreds are classified among the "hot-blooded" breeds, which are animals bred for agility and speed and are generally considered spirited and bold

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