Host a party
Hosting a party can be a stressful undertaking. Will people come? Will they have fun?.
1. Give yourself plenty of time
You should start planning about 4 weeks prior to your big event
2. Enlist help
Trying to get everything done by yourself can be stressful. Delegate duties to some of your friends...they are usually happy to help out, and its a lot more fun than doing it alone!
3. Choose a theme
A theme makes planning your party much easier, and it sparks your guests enthusiasm.
4. Pick a place
If you have a friend who s house is pretty large, use it. If your house is pretty big, use it. But do not choose some public place like a park. People filter in and out, and try to join the party, random little kids walk around, its just a bad idea all around.
5. Plan more games and activities than you anticipate playing
Things do not always go exactly how you expect them to, so with a few extra games in your pocket you will be ready.

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