Ideal for Exercises
Ideal Exercises for Men Build muscle, burn fat, and transform your body.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Calf Raise
Squat Calf Raise
Single Leg Calf Raise
Stiff Leg Ankle Hop
Wall Sit
Sumo Squat
Air Squat
Step Up
Static Lunge
Forward Lunge
Reverse Lunge
Bulgarian Split Squat
Single Leg Box Squat
Skater Squat
Shrimp Squat
Pistol Squat
Glute Bridge
Side Lying Clam
Donkey Kick
Bent Leg Donkey Kick
Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
Single Leg Glute Bridge
Shoulders Elevated Hip Raise
Single Leg Shoulders Elevated Hip Raise
Russian Leg Curl
Shoulders and Feet Elevated Hip Raise
Single Leg Shoulders and Feet Elevated Hip Raise
Sit Up
Twisting Sit Up
Reverse Crunch
Side Crunch
Flutter Kick
Bird Dog
Dead Bug
Feet Elevated Plank
Side Plank
Feet Elevated Side Plank
RKC Plank
Lying Straight Leg Raise
Hanging Knee Tuck
Hanging Leg Raise
Oblique Hanging Leg Raise
Windshield Wiper
L Sit
Dragon Flag
Doorway Row
Inverted Curl
Inverted Row
Eccentric Chin Pull Ups
Chin Up
Pull Up
Feet Elevated Inverted Row
Side To Side Pull Up
One Arm Inverted Row
One Arm Chin Up
Wall Push Up
Torso Elevated Push Up
Push Up
Bench Dip
Push Back
Spiderman Push Up
Triceps Extension
Feet Elevated Push Up
Chest Dip
Hindu Push Up
Diamond Push Up
Wide Push Ups
Side To Side Push Up
Feet Elevated Pike Push Up
Assisted One Arm Push Up
Wall Handstand Push Up
One Arm Push Up
Crab Walk
Bear Crawl
Crocodile Crawl
Mountain Climber
Frog Stand
Back Lever
Front Lever
Muscle Up
Human Flag
Jumping Jack
Jumping Rope
Jump Squat
Lateral Jump
Tuck Jump
Jumping Lunge
Clapping Push Up
Knee Slap Push Up
Jumping Skater Squat
Single Leg Jump Squat
Flying Superman Push Up
Aztec Push Up

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