Interior Essentials
Interior Essentials will give you a thorough.
1. Unity and Harmony
While doing interior design, it is important to think of your house as one unified structure and thus, appropriate that a common design style and theme runs through. The design elements should combine together and strengthen the whole theme. Thus color schemes or shades are a good way of unifying these spaces.
2. Creating a Balance
Distributing equal visual weight in a room is very important. Maintaining a balance thus becomes significant when we place accessories in different rooms but in the same way. Many of us are usually comfortable with this, but sometimes balance is also achieved by placing dissimilar objects which have equal eye attraction. Thus sometimes even a casual setting can be more lively than ordinary and otherwise stiff arrangements which are easy to setup as to a formal setting.
3. Building a Rhythm
Rhythm is all about continuity, a sense of movement which we must establish between leading our eyes from one object to another while placing our decor accessories in our family room. Repeating elements or patterns in a room or progressively increasing or decreasing its qualities can work wonders while designing a room. Assuming you install a set of candles of increasing sizes on a small tray or installing pendant lighting brings more visual delight. Using extremely opposite elements such as black and white pillows and cushions on a sofa, one key design principle. Thus building a rhythm is difficult but it adds up to the beauty of the room.
4. Plan According to Your Need
A room is usually built or designed keeping your needs in mind. Per se, you want a silent and a more homely setting, go for some nice furniture with a nice reading nook. And while setting a space for the kids, it should be made more entertaining with a table and some games with a good seating arrangement. So its very important that you first make a rough plan and move ahead with the matching furniture and accessories.
5. Setting a Focal Point
While designing your room, its very important that you set a focal point, say a large media cabinet which houses most of your equipment such as your TV or Music System. But in colder places, a house is incomplete without a fireplace. Most houses practically look incomplete without a fireplace. Usually a well designed room has one or more focal points. Thus it is imperative to find out what the most eye catching feature for your room is going to be which makes the viewer to look further and draw his attention. This can even be a piece of furniture, artwork, or by simply painting a contrasting color in one area.

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