Know Old Stamps
Top Stamps of the World.
1. Cape of Good Hope Stamp
The stamp was first issued in Cape of Good Hope in 1853, which makes it the first postage stamp in the Cape of Good Hope, and in the whole of Africa. The stamp is triangular in shape, its design is a female figure sitting on top of an anchor resting on top of a rock which symbolizes the Cape. The stamp was designed by Surveyor General Charles Bell and printed by M/s Perkins, Bacon & Co.

Estimated Price : $40,000
2. The Perot Provisional Stamp
The Perot Postmaster's Provisional of Bermuda is the first printed stamp of Bermuda. William Bennet Perot, the postmaster of the town of Hamilton, started this for the convenience of users. Perrot along with a friend came up with this idea since sometimes the postage in the mail was not enough and had to deliver the mails himself. He then wrote the words "1 penny" above the year on a stamp, and signed his name below. Thus a postage stamp was born.

Estimated Price : $115,000
3. Red Revenue Small One Dollar Surcharge
Originating in the seventeenth century (17th), it was the first surcharged stamp among all the red revenue stamps surcharged for postal use during the Qing Dynasty. Now about 30-some pieces still exist and only one used stamp is now exhibited in the China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum.

Estimated Price : $333,382
4. Blue Military Stamp
The Blue Military Stamp is a blue stamp for military use in China. In 1953, a set of three stamps, in orange, brownish red and blue, were designed and issued to the soldiers who were on active duty for free. But due to some security reasons, the stamp was discontinued but a small number of them still remain.

Estimated Price : $428,654
5. The Red Maiden in the Green Robe
One of China's postage stamps issued during the Qing Dynasty , the stamp is also known as a 2-cent Small Figure Surcharged on Red Revenue Stamps in green. During the dynasty's reforms, the stamps with silver were discarded and green ink became predominant on the Red Revenue stamps. The one vertical pair now sits in the China National Post and Postage stamp Museum.

Estimated Price : $444,477

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