Kriya Yoga
Kriya Yoga is described by its practitioners as the ancient Yoga system.
1. Kriya Yoga
Kriya Yoga is an ancient and powerful system of meditation, which promises perfect health, peace of mind and a stressfree life. The people of India have practiced it for many centuries under the guidance of trained teachers. Kriya Yoga approaches the study of the Self with a sense of reflection and introspection so that the spiritual traveler may understand the conditions of his her mind. The everchanging mind is the biggest barrier to calmness and selfrealization.Kriya Yoga is the ancient path of Soulculture and spiritual life. The life of the entire creation is breath. The life force of the entire creation is God Himself. The entire creation is permeated and pervaded with His presence. Without God, there is nothing. Everything is born in God, lives in God and merges with God like waves in the ocean.The soul is immortal, deathless, pure and divine. Because of the Soul, the body is alive, beautiful and active. Through the Soul, man does many types of work. Work in Sanskrit is derived from the root Kri. Kri means to do and Ya means the Soul. All work is done by the power of God, the living life of God, the breath; this is Kriya.
2. Benefits of Kriya Yoga
Calmness of mind, inner peace and the stilling of the internal chatterbox
An ability to be in the present moment rather than in the past or future
Enhancement of ones concentration and focusing abilities
Release of anxiety and stress, lessening of orry.
Transformation of negative emotions into more positive energy
Transformation of negative and toxic emotions such as anger, resentment and worry
Improvement of physical health, healing of longheld physical ailments
Increased flexibility and toning stretching of muscles
Increased flexibility of the spine and vertebrae
Muscle relaxation and unwinding of the fascia (connective tissue)
Improvement and expansion of breathing ability
Toning of the major internal organs (liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys, colon etc)
Spiritual and overall
A greater sense of life enjoyment
An increased sense of hope and faith in the world
The ability to let go of old patterns of hopelessness and despair
Increased compassion and understanding for other people and their problems
An increased desire to be of service to humanity, friends, family and colleagues
A greater understanding of the meaning of life and why we are here
An understanding of your life purpose
Ultimately a movement towards and experience of oneness with God and all life.
3. Science and Spiritual Life
Science or material well being is never an obstacle for a truly spiritual life. The human being is a complex combination of body, mind and intelligence with the constant association of the Soul. Science has been a blessing, to some extent, for body, mind and intelligence, but without spirituality neither complete manifestation of the Soul, nor perfection of life is possible. Science and spirituality complement each other. Without science, spirituality is paralysed and without spirituality, science is blind. Spirituality brings inner strength, regulation and dynamism. Kriya Yoga is the beautiful combination of science and spirituality.
4. Scientific Path of Soul Culture
Kriya Yoga is the scientific technique of meditation that brings allround development in man. The human being is a complex creation of God. As for the human brain, it remains a mystery to the scientists even now. A complex mechanism of brain cells and the cerebrospinal system not only regulates the human activities, but also the entire world. The human brain has immense capability. The physical, mental and intellectual growth can be accelerated through the practice of this scientific Kriya Yoga meditation. The brain cells are energised and rejuvenated, bringing good memory, control over the emotions through regulation of the neurons in the nerves.The brain and the spine can be magnetised and energised by the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga, which in turn hastens physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual change.The nerve plexuses, ie. the chakras in Yogic language are situated in the spine and glands like the pons, pituitary and pineal glands and are activated by meditation.Kriya Yoga can transform body and mind into excellent health with calmness. It does not give attractive and alluring promises to be achieved in future.

It gives immediate results. When one touches the fire, it burns the hand. When one touches a bare electrified wire, one gets the shock of the current. Similarly, when one practices this beautiful meditation technique one perceives divine power in every breath and feels the change in ones own life.Anyone can practice this simple technique under the guidance of the Master or the teachers. Selfrealisation at every moment and in every breath is the highest necessity for getting calmness and being free from the binding results of karma. The Soul is the innermost substance and core of ones being. In every step of ones life, one can perceive the Divinity.

5. Breath and Mind
In the teachings of Kriya Yoga we are taught how mind and breath are correlated We are what our mind is and our mind is what our breath is. The significance of breath has been known to human civilizations by realized souls for thousands of years. In the middle part of the 19th century an elusive and mysterious Master Mahavatar Babaji brought this technique to the world through the lineage of Masters Sri Shyamacharan Lahiri, Swami Shriyukteswar, Swamy Sri Bhupendranath Sanyal, Paramahamsa Yogananada, Swami Sri Satyananda and beloved Gurudev Sri Paramahamsa Hariharananda. Today this lineage is continued by Sri Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

Breath is life. Breath is an indestructible gift of God with its own presence. Breath integrates the body and soul. Without proper breathing process, disintegration starts. The physical body starts diverging away from the soul, which is a form of death. Not only the breath, but also its quality or type, or the way each inhalation and exhalation is undertaken, is important to the evolutionary process of becoming a human being.The breath and the mind are correlated and causally connected. Through breath control one can get calmness and inner peace. In the authentic Kriya technique, one gradually regulates the breathing pattern. Meditation is the means of achieving the state of ceasing physical and mental activities completely. You can master breathing so that life will be regulated and balanced.

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