Learn to Swim
Learning to swim? Make this look like walking in a park with our new app.
1. Never swim alone
Always go swimming with at least one other person who is a good swimmer.
2. Don't start swimming in moving water
If you're learning to swim in a river, you'll need to be more aware of the motion of the water. If you must learn to swim this way, make sure you're with someone who knows what he or she is doing,
3. Stay within a depth you can handle
When you're learning how to swim, don't venture into water that's too deep for you to stand in. So, if something goes amiss, you can simply stand up and breathe.
4. Don't swim during inclement weather conditions
If you see and hear a storm approaching, get out of the water immediately but swimming in a light rain shower should be fine. This is a general rule to be followed regardless of how well you swim.
5. Never swim in too cold water
Moving your limbs to paddle can become suddenly difficult if you're in frigid water.

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