Lifestyle Gadgets
Make life cool with smart and useful devices. Check out these Lifestyle gadgets spanning from home.
1. OnStar
Cars :
This is one factory-installed gadget having utility. You can depend on it for turn-by-turn navigation and hands-free calling, some real safety benefits are worth noting too. Besides the ability to track vehicle diagnostics. For safety issue, OnStar can activate istself automatically in the event of a crash and can also remotely slow stolen vehicles to a crawl when conditions allow.
2. Personal Car Communicator
Cars :
Keyless drive systems are still mostly reserved for luxury cars but is a useful car gadget. Volvo has built a heartbeat sensor, an ingenious solution: built into the Personal Car Communicator keyless drive fob. The gadget can sense what lies around us or even inside the car by using this Heartbeat sensor.
3. Night Vision
Cars :
This car gadget is exceptionally refined and very useful, we can now protect your BMW from going bump with things in the night via the system monitor. With the use of a front-mounted IR camera, BMW's Night Vision displays animals, people and upto a limit of 300 yards.
4. SI Drive
Cars :
This is one system for your throttle and transmission. It's a multimode system which is based on conditions, your driving environment or even your mood; you can choose smoother, more fuel-efficient drive or let it all hang out with STI-like sharpness.
5. Naim Audio System
Cars :
If you appreciate audio, and plenty of it, it's the Naim Audio System which you should really have in your car. The Naim package stands as the most powerful audio system to be fitted as original equipment in a car. It works out to 1,100 watts with a 13.2 channel amp, 11 speakers and two subs. As of now this Audio System is released for Bentley Azure.

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