Longest Bridges In The World
Earlier this year China opened the Quindao Haiwan Bridge.
1. Saratov Bridge
Saratov Bridge across the Volga River in Saratov, Russia was the longest bridge in the Soviet Union upon its inauguration in 1965. Its length is 2,803.7 meters and it connects Saratov on the right (west) bank of the Volga, with the city of Engels on the left (east) bank.
2. Jubilee Parkway
The Jubilee Parkway is a pair of parallel concrete viaduct bridges that carry Interstate 10 across Mobile Bay from the George Wallace Tunnel on Blakeley Island in Mobile, Alabama eastbound to Spanish Fort/Daphne, Alabama.
3. Confederation Bridge
The Confederation Bridge is a bridge spanning the Abegweit Passage of Northumberland Strait, linking Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, Canada. It has been referred to as the longest bridge in the world to span a body of ice during winter months.
4. New Ulyanovsk Bridge
The New Ulyanovsk Bridge is a truss bridge that crosses over the river Volga in Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia, connecting the city of Ulyanovsk with the east side of the Ulyanovsk Oblast. It is the second longest bridge in Russia, and one of the longest bridges in Europe with a length of 19.98 kilometres.
5. Bhumibol Bridge
Also known as the Industrial Ring Road Bridge, Bhumibol is part of the 13 km long Industrial Ring Road connecting southern Bangkok with Samut Prakan Province. The bridge crosses the Chao Phraya River twice, with two striking cable stayed spans of lengths of 702 m and 582 m supported by two diamond shaped pylons 173 m and 164 m high

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