Makeover Tips for Lips
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How to Make Lips Appear Fuller
To make your lips appear fuller, try a lip gloss or go several shades darker on lips. Rich red shades make lips look fuller than neutral ones.For longer lasting full lips, try lip creams that contain peptides or other collagen boosters. Ladies Home Journal beauty editors suggest you try Z. Bigatti Re Storation Lip Pout Lip Treatment, E.I. Solutions Lip Refine or Modele Collagen Lip Treatment. All of these are under $50. But beware, I have tried these and found lip plumpers to have minimal, temporary results at best. You wont get a long lasting plump with these, which is why believe they havent caught on as they would have if they really worked.For permanent pout, you might consult a plastic surgeon about lip plumpers using Restylane. Results can last up to 6 months. Up to you if the cost (and the possible lip deformation) is worth it. I think I will stick with lip gloss.

How Can I Keep Lipstick Off My Teeth
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How to Have Beautiful Lips
Correct your lines of Lips
Puckering Lips
Kissable Lips
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