Makeup for Valentines Day
Do you want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.
1. Try a playful plait
Heres the thing. Ever since braids made their comeback on the red carpet circa 2009, the humble style has been getting increasingly more complicated. Fishtail! Waterfall! Milkmaid! But as Diane Kruger demonstrates, an off the cuff version still has its charms. Once youve woven the braid, do widen and rough it up by pulling on either side with your fingertips.
2. Get in a nude mood
Jennifer Lopez has cornered the market on sexy with her trademark nude, muted lips. When attempting at home, neutralize the red in your mouth by dabbing foundation on your lips with a damp makeup sponge before applying your lipstick. To select a fleshy shade that doesnt look corpse like, look for one with peachy undertones, not gray ones.
3. Join the pile high club
Put a new twist on a precise bun by gathering up curly strands instead of straight ones. To try a look like Katharine McPhees, separate your ponytail into four sections, twisting and looping each in different directions around the base of the elastic. Dont be worried if it doesnt look perfect. The haphazard construction is part of the appeal.
4. Pastel eyes
A neat application of demure lavender eye shadow gave Kerry Washingtons otherwise simple look a pleasant buzz. Makeup artist Carola Gonzalez brushed Lanc
5. Try something knotty
Even if your name isnt Miranda Kerr, a high top knot is an deft way to show off good bone structure. The key to keeping the look flirty and fun with wispy pieces grazing your temples and nape. Once youve set your style, use the pointed end of a rattail comb to tug out a few strands. If they look stringy, rub them between your thumb and forefinger to give them a bit of fuzzy texture.

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