Man Accessories All Time
Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets .
1. White Handkerchief
One accessory, multiple uses your sister is crying (tissue), you are eating a burger (napkin), you are called into a meeting (pocket square), you have inexplicably lost your baby blanket (blanket).Keep it tucked away in your back pocket at all times it the perfect gentleman secret weapon.
2. Business Card Case
A simple leather case does not take up space, protects your cards, and looks good but not so good that it distracting that what the fancy title on your business card is for.
3. Briefcase That Doubles as an Overnight Bag
The best briefcases are sturdy, multi functional, and made of fine leather.This one can be carried by the handles or slung over your shoulder for critical hands free moments.It small enough for everyday office use, but roomy enough to fit a small change of clothes and a toothbrush for a quick overnight trip.
4. Reversible Belt
The only leather belt you need A simple twist of the buckle switches it from brown to back.
5. Umbrella That does not Easily Fall Apart
This one has safe, rounded corners and is water repellent to ensure you will go through life with fewer umbrellas and (we hope) fewer injuries.

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