Management Tips
Basic Principles of Effective Management Style.
1. Set Goals
Your team must know what is expected of them, and what will make them stand out amongst others. Each member of the team must be given clear measurable goals. Discuss and agree with each member before making it formal, your team member must accept it whole heartedly otherwise it won't serve any purpose.
2. Emotional Bonding
Having an emotional bonding with your team member helps to understand and appreciate the practical problems in life. Each one of us goes through ups and downs, and our performance does get affected during our tough time. It's important to stand by your team member going through a rough phase of life and provide all support. Rest assured, the returns will be many fold.
3. Communication
Rely more on face to face communication rather than mails and written messages, listen to your juniors and appreciate their point of view, many a times you will find great ideas which will help organization to grow in the right direction
4. Processes
Rely more on the process than people, when you have a strong system and process in place, you provide equal opportunity to all. Whenever faced with problems, try fixing the process and system first, than people.
5. Role clarity and Fitment
It is expected from a Manager to give clear role and responsibilities to all team members according to their strengths and abilities. The role and responsibilities should be well defined for each member and measurable goals are provided to everyone to judge their performance

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