Men Like in Women
The term woman is usually reserved for an adult,with the term girl being the usual term for a femal.
1. A cheerful attitude
The cheerful laugh or a flirty giggle of a happy, cheerful woman can melt even the hardest of manly hearts. Have a happy, cheerful personality and try to look at the happier side of life all the time.
2. The way she looks and dresses
Its always easier to attract attention from men when you make an effort to look good and dress well. A bright red umbrella is always a lot more attention grabbing on a rainy day amidst all the dull umbrellas, doesnít it?
Dress well and feel good about yourself. You donít really have to try and stand out with bold, flashy colors all the time. Just dress like a perfect ten in well fitting clothes and appear confident. And yes, donít forget that dab of perfume to leave a trail of men swooning over your fragrance as you walk past them!
3. Flirty gestures
What men like in women is a streak of flirty seduction. Do you curl your lips or hold a pen in your lip when youíre trying to come up with an idea? Do you wink or raise your eyebrows flirtily when you say goodbye or pass a smart remark? Well, if you do indulge in any of those expressions or even a million other expressions that make you look cuter-than-cute, then youíre already on your way to make hearts beat a lot faster.
4. Just a little bit of skin
Want that glance to turn into a second and third glance? Learn to show a bit of skin. An outright pound of cleavage or a slab of midriff can seem attractive, but itís also trashy and crude. And it makes you look like youíre trying too hard to please and get attention.Play subtle. It works a lot better. A shirt or a tee that ends just right around where your jeans start, or a perfectly fitting top with a wider neck that shows a bit but yet needs a bit of craning to get a peep is just perfect for men. They love the nearly-there peeks and their curiosity would drive them crazy enough to stare, again and again.
5. A seductive voice
If thereís anything that makes the hair on the back of a manís neck stand in excitement, itís a womanís sweet and sexy voice. Now mastering the art of the husky voice takes time, so donít give it too much of a thought just yet.
When youíre speaking with a man, speak in a low tone and avoid the high pitched glass shattering squeal that most women use when theyíre surprised or ecstatic with joy. A low, soft voice inadvertently sounds more arousing and attractive. And the best part here, itís easy to speak in a low, softer tone without seeming like youíre trying too hard. Try your new softer voice the next time youíre on the phone. And donít blame us if the man on the other end gets flirty

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