most amazing fountains around the world

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Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi Italy

Most Amazing Fountains Around The World

A collection of the Top Most Awesome Fountains Around The World which will amaze everyone .
Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi Italy

Standing 25.9 meters 85 feet high and 19.8 meters 65 feet wide Trevi Fountain Fontana di Trevi is one of the most beautiful sculptures in Rome Italy. It was ordered in 1732 by Clemens XII and thirty years later his predecessor Clemens XIII christened it. The fountain has Neptune or Oceanus in the middle and two tritons one trying to tame a fiery horse symbolizing the rough sea and one blowing a shell horn symbolizing the quiet sea.Trevi became famous for a scene in Fellini La Dolce Vita when Anita Ekberg takes a late night bath in the fountain. There also a legend saying that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain you will return to Rome.

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