Most Prettiest Faces In The World
Mostly women have great conscious on her good looks.
1. Beyonce Knowles
People magazine announced her to be the most beautiful women of the year. The PEOPLE MAGAZINE. And nobody can refute the people magazine, can they And that is why we list her on the very top of this list too.
2. Scarlett Johansson
She is what performers like to call a threat. And she deserves it. A model turned actress who can sing like an angel and has the face of an angel is rare to find. It is but obvious that she would be placed in a list of sexiest women alive in Esquire. And all this was achieved without ever supporting any of those crazy diets.If you do not already love her, we have many more reasons for you. The prime ones being that she has achieved all this without ever being in the tabloids, without promoting any of her personal brands. And if you think you have not seen in her kicking some ass for a while, then you just need to get yourself a print of the Iron Man 3. You will then have the privilege of watching her kick Iron Mans ass as the black widow.
3. Jennifer Lawrence
Katniss Everdeen , this was nothing but name to a character in a fiction trilogy. Andthen Jennifer Lawrence stepped forth and gave it a face that can never ever be forgotten. Quite honestly, to make simple, bold and spirited character like Katniss look beautiful in a subtly feminine manner, you have got to be outright stunning. And she has gone ahead to keep pushing her limits with every role she has taken up since.
4. Frieda Pinto
Frieda Pinto just exploded on the screen with Slumdog MILLIONAIRE. Since then, People magazine has not only featured her in their list of most beautiful but also in their list of the best dressed. And it is but obvious; the People magazine never goes wrong.
5. Sofia Vergara
The first time she came on screen in the TV series modern family, the world was stunned. There are many who pegged to be in the early thirties at the most. Then the entire world realized that she is in her early 40s. And how can you be blamed. Its not like you there are many women in their 40s who look like that.

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